GBC Membership

GBC Membership

This product will allow you to choose which type of membership you'd like to sign up for in the Georgia BBQ Championship. You can choose from a Backyard Team, Pro Team, Friend of GBC, or a Certified BBQ Judge membership.


Each $35 membership is gifted a free t-shirt, and a $50 membership is gifted two free t-shirts (see website for more details and any upcoming changes on this, here).


Basic "individual" memberships are $35 per season (from January 1st-December 31st of each year), and you can add your spouse or multiple team members for an additional $15 (for a total of $50 for a non-indivudal membership). 


If you are adding a spouse, or additional team members, please do so in the field for "what t-shirt size do you need" so that I can add them to your membership, otherwise I will email you about it once I receive your registration order.