We've been trying to reach you about your smoker's extended warranty...

Well folks, looks like 2020 is officially in the GBC books! I want to personally thank each and every one of you who braved the conditions of this year's contests. Without folks to attend these contests, they wouldn't be able to continue, and without contests continuing on, there would be no GBC statewide points races, let alone a Throwdown contest. So thank you for supporting all of those contests out there!

I've been busy finishing up the scoring edits to finalize the rankings for this year's points races, so be sure to head on over to the website and check out where your team (or others) stands in this year's End of Year divisions points race. Remember, only those who purchased a valid TEAM membership prior to the deadline (which was extended this year due to Covid from July 1st until September 1st) were included in the EOY points races. All tie breakers have been calculated (based on the current system but keep in mind that we're moving to the KCBS standard of points race tie-breakers beginning next season).

Look for our first of two (2) drum smoker auctions coming up beginning next week, and then again about mid December.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving and stay safe while trying to cook all the delicious foods you'll be eating. We'll see each other soon enough!


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