To Bash, or not to Bash, that is the question!

Some organizations have fairly droll awards ceremonies that drag on for what seems like days. The GBC has changed the style and platform of our awards banquet over the past several years to try and be more inclusive to our GBC family that would otherwise come if it wasn't for a recommended attire or location.

This was the birthing of the GBC End Of Year Bash! This year's bash is going to be held at the Sip & Swine BBQ Festival on the evening of Friday March 6th, 2020 from 6 pm - 9 pm. The event is open to anyone who may be at Sip & Swine that evening, but in order to have access to food and beverage, you'll need to acquire tickets.

Tickets are included in your GBC membership, whether from 2019, or if you're just now becoming a member in 2020. A $35 membership level will gain you access to one ticket, and you can purchase additional tickets for $15 a piece. At the $50, or team/spouse levels, you'll be granted two tickets to the event, and can purchase additional tickets if you need.

There will be food catered by Monterrey Mexican Grill, with a taco beer and plenty of adult libations to wet your whistle! You can purchase a $10 beer cup that will grant you access to bottomless keg beer.

The event will facilitate an informal awards presentation, the introduction of the newly elected board of directors members, and any new executive board members, as well as other festivities and goodies. There will also be raffles and auctions, so be sure to bring your checkbook, cash, or card because we'll take it all.

Visit the GBC store if you need to purchase additional Bash tickets for your guests prior to the event so that we have an accurate headcount. Also, please email our GBC secretary, Steven Ellis, so that he can add you to our guest list to keep track of who should be attending. Send RSVPs to

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