Sip & Bash?

Greetings everyone!

Sip & Swine week is finally upon us and we're looking forward to being with all of you over the weekend, whether your cooking, or just coming to support Jim & Cindy and their amazing event! I wanted to remind everyone who has RSVPd to the Bash on Friday evening that if you HAVE NOT purchased your tickets (for guests, or for yourself if you're a non-GBC member) then you may still do so on our website. If not, we'll have a list and know who still needs to do this at the door. No free rides here! We'll take check, cash, or card at the door for those paying late. The entry fee for those wanting to dine/drink with us is $15 per person, and $10 per bottomless beer cup. For those not dining, and just wanting to hang out, then you can come and enjoy fellowship for free.

As for the raffles, and auctions, we'll take check, cash, or card for these items, too.

Since we have so many attendees (at least from the RSVP list) then we're moving the event from the judging tent to the people's choice tent (basically in the same general area) and Chere Amend will have some signs posted that say "GBC Private Event" to let everyone know where we are at. Don't forget that Sip & Swine has a Kids Que event and it will be GBC sanctioned so make sure if you want you kid to start learning the craft, as well as learn what it means to "chase points" then sign them up for the cook!

While we're on signing up, don't forget that you have until July 1st, 2020 at midnight to sign up for a "team" membership, whether you're solo, or have multiple cooks (or just want to add your spouse), and it doesn't matter if you're a pro team, or backyard, or kids que. Everyone MUST sign up if they intend to be included in the points series for each division. There are no exceptions made for this.

You can sign up for GBC membership at Sip & Swine as well, and again, we'll take check, cash, or card. I'll reach out to any of those who sign up, or renew their membership, sometime later that weekend or next week to confirm their details that we need for our membership roster.

We'll also have fliers about our upcoming 2020 GBC Champions Cooking Class that we'll be passing out to teams on Friday & Saturday to make them aware of the date for this year's event. So be on the lookout for that and visit our website at for more details on the cooking class.

We'll see everyone this weekend! Now, keep calm, and Que' on!


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