One last reminder, and hope.

Hey gang,

I wanted to drop a line to everyone and thank those who've renewed their memberships, or purchased new memberships in 2021. As always, I make a lot of effort each year trying to remind members (new and old alike) that we have a TEAM deadline for a reason, and it mainly has to do with the keeping up of points from the division races. If you, or someone you know, is or has talked about chasing or wanting to chase points in the 2021 season, PLEASE make sure they are aware of the deadline for the 2021 season. It is tonight at midnight. I receive a number of nasty emails and phone calls each year because people who did not purchase their membership end up in the points rankings pretty high but aren't included in the End of Year calculations. They usually claim they didn't know, or weren't told, or don't follow the GBC on Facebook, or have never been to our website, etc. etc. All things that I truly believe.... insert sarcasm here.

There's a reason I stop the TEAM memberships mid-year. It's only fair to those who purchased it prior to then, and it keeps people honest that otherwise would wait until the last minute to see if they've won any money before spending a minimum of $35 for the year. Help me, help others. I sincerely appreciate it!

On a related note, if you HAVE purchased membership, and are chasing points, please know that user input errors DO occur when I'm inputting these scores. I found two errors I'd made this morning when adding a couple of new memberships to the EOY calculations, as well as noticing a discrepancy in one of those I'd just added. Trust me, they will and do happen. I do all I can to prevent it but I'm not perfect-- plus I'm a volunteer. So, please do one thing for me and routinely go check your "completed results" for your division and look for your team name. Make sure that you are seeing your team's proper completed results-- meaning, competition, categories competed in, etc. If you see something missing, then please let me know and I'll go in and edit those. Not only can these errors affect your team, but they can affect the slate of scoring altogether. So, again, help me, help you, help others.

Thanks again for everyone who has purchased/renewed their memberships in 2021. It helps us keep our sanctioning fee very low for competitions, including those who may think they aren't getting any benefit from being sanctioned by our organization.

Now, Que' on!

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