Kickin' off the season with a giveaway!

Hey all,

I wanted to wish everyone competing this weekend up in Young Harris the best of luck!

As a way to help kick off our 2021 season schedule I am personally offering a GBC membership ($50 value, or select from other GBC products/services if already a member in 2021).

All you have to do is go to the GBC Facebook page and do the following four things to be considered. 1) make sure you LIKE the GBC Facebook page. 2) like the most recent post on the page that talks about this exact thing. 3) Comment on the post with an included picture of your rig, or your competition setup, or if you're a judge or just someone attending then you can just post a picture or two of you with your BBQ friends and family up in the snow there. 4) Share that post on your personal Facebook page.

No purchase is necessary, but you must do all four of the things above in order to be considered. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Best of luck to those who see this post, and be sure to tag/share with your friends and family who are going to be up there!

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