GBC Throwdown and upcoming Drum Smoker auctions

Hey all,

I hope you're getting geared up for next weekend as we close out our GBC season schedule with the Throwdown contest. There's still time to sign up if you haven't already but do so soon!

If you have already signed up but have not yet paid your outstanding balance, then please do so as soon as you are financially capable. If you would like to render payment to Scott Smith on arrival to the contest via check (or cash), then you can do so but please keep in mind that I won't be assessing any GBC points for individuals who show up without payment until that balance owed for the entry is taken care of. Scott will have a list with each individual who still owes a balance at the event, so if you have questions about it on arrival then please see him. If you are still unclear if you owe a balance or not, consult your email and find the invoice I had sent to each person who either paid a deposit only, or selected an "offline" payment to mail a physical check. If you still have questions reach out to me on my cell and I will gladly help resolve any issues (678)316.6361.

We'll be setting up our next smoker auctions for this month and the next. Scott Smith has generously donated two (2) drum smokers that they will be making and can be picked up at their shop or you can arrange for private shipping on your own coin. These drum smokers are awesome for backyard teams, as well as seasoned pros who are chasing points in specific categories, such as Ribs. We'll send out more details on that as we post the first auction in the coming days.

That's all for now, but we're looking forward to seeing everyone come next Friday and Saturday! Make sure to throw in a few masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer for your site in-case you should need them! Be well and stay safe, friends!

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