GBC Throwdown, and eBay smoker auctions, and upcoming changes, oh my!

Hey all,

I wanted to reach out and remind everyone about the GBC Throwdown and signing up for that contest, especially if you secured GBC membership prior to the deadline (which was extended this year to Sept 1st due to Covid19), and are chasing points! You can register for that, as well as the SCA cookoff on Friday evening (link on the same page) by visiting our website at

We're also starting up our two smoker auctions this year, one to begin tomorrow and run through the 20th of October, and the other to begin sometime after Thanksgiving. The first auction features a "your choice" style of either the Limo Jr. or the 125 Water pan smoker. The second auction features two drum smokers. We'll post the link to the auctions on our Facebook page and group when it is active but you can also check our website (to bid, see real time updates, etc.) on the auction at

Lastly, we are making some pretty cool changes to our points races "tie breakers" as well as how Kids Que division will run, in-general. So I'll briefly explain the gist of that here, now. The tie-breaker has always been bit confusing to folks because it's not exactly straightforward like how KCBS does their tie-breaker. This is something we've decided to reign in and assimilate more to the liking of our teams who follow KCBS comps, and since we already piggyback off of most of their rules and regulations, it just makes sense to do it. So, our current tie-breaker will be phasing our after this 2020 season, and our new tie-breaker will be implemented in the 2021 season. The way the new tie-breaker will work is pretty simple. If two teams are tied at the end of the season, then they begin a head-to-head tie-breaker. Each team will have their best five (5) scores compared side-by-side, and if they are still tied then they move to a sixth best score, and then seventh, and then eighth, and so on and so forth until one team has a better "best" score. However, if the two teams don't have the same amount of comps, then they will remain tied as their prizes will be evenly distributed. This would occur if team A has seven comps, and team B has six comps. The two teams remain tied after a tie-breaker on the sixth comp, but since team B only has competed in six comps then there cannot be a third round tie-breaker.

As for Kids Que, we're eliminating the necessity of parents to "register" their kids for a GBC membership. This is a good and a bad thing. Good because you don't have to pay anymore, and the winner will simply be chosen from the teams who have competed in the comps with KQ divisions. However, it's also bad because if you're one of those parents who wants to let their kids cook at Willy Bob's BBQ Shack one week, and Jim Bob's Cornbread Stand the next week, and Jilly Billy's Wild Sauce the week after then it's going to cause a pretty big issue for me trying to track the "who is who" stuff since we'll be removing the Kids Que membership from the website. So, the onus, meaning the responsibility, is now shifting from myself to the parents for keeping track of all of that. You'll have to follow the points posted on our website and reach out to us with any errors you may notice, or corrections that may need to be made (including if you do let them cook with a new name at each contest). Since we'll have no track record in our rosters any longer for Kids Que teams in general. So, as I said, good news and bad news. Overall, a great move by the GBC. The rules and regulations aren't going anywhere. The kids will still need to follow the instructions of the contest organizer on where they'll cook, and what they can cook, etc. This change is simply to do with GBC membership requirements for the KQ division End of Year points race.

Stay tuned for more on the auctions, and be sure to sign up for the Throwdown if you haven't already!

Now, keep calm, and Que' on!



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