GBC Membership Deadline Reminder & Other Stuffs

Hey gang,

Just trying to cover all of the bases for our membership drive so that no team is left behind (as there is always more than a handful that either purposely don't purchase their membership, or claim they forgot/weren't notified) for the 2021 points races.

Our membership deadline for the 2021 season is back to its normal timeline of the end of the day on July 1st. Anything purchased after that time will not be considered a valid team membership, and will either be refunded or converted to one of the other membership categories. Only those with a valid membership prior to the deadline will be considered for cash prizes and trophies in the End of Year points races for all divisions (except for Kids Que since membership is no longer required for that single division).

If you are unsure if you have purchased your membership for the 2021 season then you can reach out to me at to confirm, or by going to the website and looking at the list of GBC members with expired memberships and current memberships. If you don't see your name on that list, 99.9999% chance that you've not submitted your registration for 2021. Click here to visit the GBC membership roster webpage.

Also, don't forget that there is still 10 days left to submit art work from your GBC little ones to have a chance at appearing on the 2021 t-shirt. Anything BBQ, BBQ competition, and BBQ family related is acceptable. You can email those to Currently no one has utilized this opportunity to have their child's artwork sent in. The deadline for that is June 20th so that if nothing is sent in, I will simply carve out the time to come up with a basic design to post on the website and for our t-shirt supplier to order and print so we can ship out our first batch of t-shirts to those who purchased membership prior to the deadline. The 2nd batch of t-shirts won't ship out until after the new year in 2022 and will be for anyone registering for GBC membership after the July 1st deadline, and before January 1st, 2022.

Que' on!

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