GBC 2020 T-shirts-- Please confirm your size!


This will not apply to everyone, but I am trying to touch all of the bases of our media to reach as many folks as possible who it does apply to. If you purchased a membership in 2020 then you should have received an email yesterday from my Secretary of the GBC Gmail account asking you to fill out a quick Google form to confirm your shirt size and preferred address to have it shipped to. About 25 of the 70 or so folks have already responded, so thank you for that!

You may be asking why you'd need to do this. Well, it may have been almost 9 months since you purchased your membership, and a lot can happen in 9 months. You may have moved, or relocated your office space if that's the address you submitted with your renewal or original membership registration. Covid has done many things to many people, so perhaps you've gained a few pounds, or if you're lucky, lost a few. There's plenty of reasons to confirm, but point being, the shirts are going to be ordered Friday at the latest and if we didn't have a t-shirt size for you originally then you'll just be receiving a XL size whether you needed a S, or a 4XL. That's why it's important to get to that email I sent and confirm your size. It's also important to confirm, again, for any address changes. Sometimes mail is sent to an address you're no longer at. If we send you a t-shirt and it doesn't get returned to sender back to us then how will we ever know that it never got to you (other than the inevitable grumblings of "I never got my t-shirt" emails, of course).

So help a brotha' out and please get to that email I sent to all 2020 members and fill out the form. It will take literally 1 minute of your time, and it will greatly help me out.

Have a very merry Christmas, and a happy new year!


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