Bash that wrap-up!

Hey BBQ Fam,

I just wanted to write and follow up with everyone on this evening's festivities of the BBQ Bash. First off, THANK YOU to everyone who came out. The GBC BBQ Bash (formerly known as the GBC Banquet) has not seen such participation of it's membership and other interested parties in over six years. That's the exact reason we took the chance in moving it to Sip & Swine, and I would say that our bets have been cashed in because you all showed up, and then some! So, again, thank you from all of us at the GBC.

Second, one house keeping item, some of the winners didn't come (or send a proxy) to collect their winnings and/or their trophies, and that's okay. We'll get in touch with those winners in the coming weeks and see if we can meet them on the trail sometime and give them their trophies. For the three winners who weren't there to collect their cash, we'll just be sending you a check for those winnings. Also, according to some of the trophies left over, compared to our list of winners, it's possible that some of you may have been given an incorrect trophy. I'll resend out the PDFs of the winners from 2019 to our board members so that tomorrow they can check on folks as they find the time.

Lastly, thanks to you all, the GBC was able to raise almost $5,000 at our event tonight. Those monies extend back out to help strengthen our competitions, pay for adding new divisions, and also help fund our philanthropic giving. So once again, thank you for making it all possible.

Good luck to everyone cooking tomorrow at the contest, and I hope you hear your name called, and often!



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