GBC Cookbook

The GBC is doing a cookbook and we want your recipes to fill it! This cookbook will showcase the culinary talents of all the great cooks that participate in competitions across Georgia. Submissions are open to anyone (member or not) and are not limited to competition recipes. From your best burger recipe to that classic Cajun Jambalaya, we want the world to see the wide range of skills that Pitmasters can bring to the table. If you want to share competition recipes, there will be a section just for those.

Kids Que Section


We will also have a special section just to showcase recipes from our Kids-Q contestants. Parents of Kids-Q participants please be sure to submit their recipes so they get the recognition they deserve.


Link to Submit


You can submit more than one recipe, and we would love to have 4 or 5 from each person. We will do our best to use every recipe submitted, but reserve the right to reject a recipe. We will only do so if we are unable to resolve issues with the recipe, but we will reach out to submitters for clarification first. Once recipes have been collected, we will send out information about the cost to purchase, preordering, and the availability date. We will be collecting recipes starting July 1st through August 31st. Funds collected from this cookbook will be used to further enhance the work of the GBC.


To submit a recipe, click the link below. (Please do a separate entry form for each recipe)

Please click here to submit a recipe

A few guidelines for submissions:


  • Please check your recipes for spelling and grammar issues as this will speed up the submission process.

  • Please edit recipe titles to remove brand names. Ingredients list can include branding but titles cannot.

  • Use these standard abbreviations: c., tsp., Tbsp., pkg., qt., pt., oz., lb.




Alan Gayton