GBC Board of Directors

2020-2022 Executive Team

Jared Kennedy (2020-2022)

Atlanta, GA


Beth Mewborn (2020-2022)


Cumming, GA


Allen Tucker (2020-2022)

Dacula, GA


Steven Ellis (2020-2022)

Gainesville, GA

I got involved with the GBC originally to help the contest I was helping run at the time, Hawgin on Lanier (the original), maintain close communication with its many competitors who were following in the GBC circuit year to year. That focus of communication changed quickly when I was invited to join the GBC board in 2015, and began serving as its Secretary since 2016. 

The thing I love most about BBQ and about the GBC can be summed up to just one simple word-- Family. I've made so many close contacts throughout the years of serving the GBC, and many of those have become like family. I can see that family is a familiar theme throughout BBQ, even though many may not even recognize it.

Let's connect! Shoot me an e-mail or call me on my cell at (678)316.6361


Scott Smith (2020-2022)

Acworth, GA

General Board Seats

Jim Lloyd (2019-2021)

Sugar Hill, GA

Anthony Mullins (2019-2021)

Atlanta, GA

Betsy Allgood (2019-2021)

Rome, GA

Dave Amend (2019-2021)

Marietta, GA

Jonathan Calhoun (2019-2021)


Atlanta, GA

Chad Warner (2020-2022)

Savannah, GA

I got involved in the GBC because of the friendships and fun. Some of my best friends are BBQ cooks that I have met on the trail at various BBQ Contests. I try to be as serious as I can be when it comes to BBQ competitions, but if I can't have fun at the same time, it's not worth doing. 

As part of the GBC Board I would love to help see BBQ contests thrive in Georgia, either through new contests or getting more people involved, especially in the southeastern region of the state.

If you're just starting out in BBQ, don't be afraid to ask questions of the pro teams, and by all means HAVE FUN!

A few tid bits about me: my wife, Lesley Howard, and I live in Savannah. We have two boys: Nathan is a sophomore at Georgia Tech, and Griffin is an 8th grader. I own an architectural rendering company, BlueLime Studio, that is celebrating its 20th year in business. I started competing in pro BBQ in 2010 as "Yes, Dear BBQ," with my teammates Frank Neagle and Scott Swenson.

Let's connect! Shoot me an e-mail

Sean Trygestad (2020-2022)

Woodstock, GA

Stan Kaminski (2020-2022)

Gainesville, GA

Tom Tilley (2020-2022)

Tallulah Falls, GA

I love seeing my team of student grow in skills as individual Pit Masters and interacting with their community. The results don't matter as much as improvement. Winning trophies is nice, but winning also includes improving in character as well as conquering new skills.

Seek advice from the experts. The BBQ community is one of the most giving cultures of which I've ever been a part of. Ask and you will receive. Don't be afraid to look stupid; ask questions. Study and practice. Our team would not have reached the level of success its had without the input of experienced pit masters and their guidance, as well as their willingness to teach.

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