Annual Awards Bash

Informally Classy

Each year, the GBC holds an annual banquet of sorts. The purpose of this banquet is multifaceted and has a lot of moving parts, but its main function is to celebrate the winners of the GBC Points Races from the previous season. 

In 2019 the Board voted unanimously to move the event to a more centrally located contest, and for now it has been placed to coincide with Sip & Swine's BBQ Festival, but on Friday evening beginning at 6 pm - 9 pm in the Judges tent. 

Over the years, the annual banquet has seen various themes from Hollywood nights, to Casino Royale, to Mardi Gras, but recently we have altered the structure of the event in an effort to make it more welcoming and informal to all GBC members and friends. This was the birth of what we now call, the Annual GBC BBQ Bash!

GBC Banquet 2015

This year's GBC Bash will be Friday, March 5th, 2021 from 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm, with a cocktail, beer and wine hour beginning at 6 pm..


There will be plenty of auctions, door prizes and other goodies, so don't miss out!

The event is FREE to attend for all 2020/2021 GBC members, and all GBC members eat for free, and $15 for non-GBC members or extra guests to eat. 


Tickets can be purchased on our website for $15 for GBC member's spouses or guests, who do not have a $50 membership level, or non-GBC members. 


Bottomless beer cups are $10 extra.

Tina & Bobby Cannon GBC Banquet 2015

Join us for an evening filled with food, fellowship, and fun in this "come as you are" styled event that prides itself on bottomless beer mugs and great food.


Attendees will gather to celebrate a plethora of awards throughout the evening, including perhaps a few unofficial awards such as "most likely to burn the meat" or "best last place turn-in" and so on. 

GBC Banquet Trophies 2015
William Lattimer Bub-Ba-Q GBC

If you need extra tickets for guests of a GBC member, or if you're not a GBC member, click below to purchase your GBC BBQ Bash tickets, either with, or without a bottomless mug!

GBC Bash Guest List