Backyard Division Rules

Georgia BBQ Championship Backyard Competitor Series


Who qualifies as a Backyard team?



The definition for the composition of a Backyard/Amateur Cook Team is as follows: (I.) Any member of the team who has not entered in and competed in more than twelve (12) sanctioned “Pro Division” BBQ competitions in the past and (II.) any person who has been a member of a team who has not been awarded a Grand Champion or Reserve Champion status in any KCBS sanctioned “Pro Division” competition and (III.) any member of the team who has competed in three (3) or fewer “Pro Division” BBQ competitions within the current competition year.



If any member of the team has entered in and competed in more than twelve (12) sanctioned “Pro Division” BBQ competitions in the past, they are ineligible to participate in the Backyard/Amateur competition. Any person who was a member of a team who has competed in three (3) or fewer “Pro Division” BBQ competitions within one (1) competition year may be considered an amateur and may declare or revert to such status. This includes the Chief Cook and/or Assistant Cooks. The only exclusion to this rule would be those judges cooking with a team to qualify for Master Judge status.  Contest organizers have the final discretion and say as to whether or not a team will be accepted as a backyard team.



What are the requirements to qualify for GBC Pro Competitor Series Prizes/Trophies:

Register as a member of the Georgia BBQ Championship, and compete in at least one competition.



What Do I Get For Joining / Renewing?

  • GBC Membership Card and Sticker via mail

  • Official GBC t-shirt

  • Teams participate in Georgia BBQ Championship Backyard Competitor Series.

  • Opportunity for prizes and trophies at the Annual GBC BBQ Bash awarded to the winners.



How are points calculated?


The GBC points system is identical to the KCBS Team of the Year Master Series points race, with two important differences – the number of events that count for GBC scoring is limited to five (5), and there are no “bonus points” awarded depending on the size of the contest. Teams will be awarded GBC points solely based on their finishing order by the following schedule:







Up to five (5) of a team’s highest scores will be totaled to determine each team’s GBC points for the year.



Payout information:


Overall, Chicken, Ribs, and Pork rankings are all calculated independently & will all be tracked for prizes and trophies.  In order to participate, teams must follow KCBS Rules & Regulations. KCBS membership is encouraged but not required to participate in the GBC, but GBC membership is required to be awarded prizes and trophies at the annual bash.



Tie Breaker:


In the event of a tie, ties will be broken as follows: first tie breaker will be the sum of points earned in up to the first five (5) GBC events cooked by each team for the season. Should there still be a tie, the second tie breaker will be decided by the sum of up to the last five (5) events each team cooks in the season. There will be no Third Tie Breaker. If teams remain tied, prize money for the affected places will be combined and divided evenly among the tied teams.

Upcoming 2021 season changes for the tie-breaker system will do away with the current system and implement a new, straight forward tie-breaker system that goes simply based off of "best scores" in a head-to-head matchup. It will begin with teams' best five (5) comp scores, if still tied, they will roll to their best sixth score, and seventh, and eighth, and so on and so forth until their is a clear winner. If the two teams do not have the same amount of comps cooked, then they will likely end in a tie if they have to roll over to say a fourth tie-breaker where one team has the eighth comp score, but the other team only had cooked seven total comps. In that case, the two (or more) teams would remain tied and their prizes would be split evenly. 





If two teams are tied then up to their first five (5) contests in chronological order are summed. If Team A has more points than Team B, then Team A wins the first tie breaker. If the teams still remain tied, then up to their last five (5) contests in chronological order are summed. Whichever team has more points in the second tie breaker will win. There will be no third tie breaker. 

Legal Disclaimer


The Organizers of the Georgia BBQ Championship (GBC) will not be held responsible for scoring errors or for misspelled team names or information provided by KCBS. The GBC is not responsible for contest cancellations. Prize money will be distributed to the winners once all scores have been tallied and verified by the GBC Board of Directors. The GBC will host an annual event/banquet during which time the winner’s prize money and trophy will be presented. Teams need not be present to win.

GBC points distribution

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